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I'm trying to figure out a stage on which to fret less and less and strut with more and more goodwill.

Sketch me a sketchy sketch, our brief party at the park I had to leave so I can’t see beyond it’s start of fluffy clouds billowing. He took a sketch request that he invited me to make. He said he’d finish it and next time I come around , it’d be cool to show me: Head in the clouds, feet firmly on the ground. Thank you for the sketch Rober-t. I’m not planning on seeing it cuz the park is breaking bad for me. He drew with skill so I’m imagining. Separate issue Show me how to grift to watch me stumble the course. never had to hustle Except for escaping after too long hanging from the blinding binds of malice, sadistic sowing in my mind. I found a way back in and cleared out linked in lies within a deep-end dive, turning with will as a diva – aloha I’ll expose ya designs targeting trauma lines – sad, well paved neurons choosing trust for another liar’s lair as if a throne to deify subjugation of battered minds and pushing suicide well on a small scale They’re a sizable minority with a lack of effective medicine. Well s easy to tap and taste the festering trails, sometimes the slightest pressure on a button Is so much fun! See they might flail, run, scream in angst and so much more revealed for further explorations. I may get paid in coin or blood or social ascent but the first pleasure ever was the drama, sets and stage with nary a knowing I’m pulling them by heart hurt strings feeling so attached to a listening, nurturing friend. Some times my obtrusion will cause a Snap or fall, watching them get itchy with denial rarely gets their notice. They trust me when beside me because they’re stuck in codependent mode and knowing I want and expect to have their trust and.. respect. If the denial is itching to clarify it signals fear and the fear will gorge on an appropriate response, obliterated… for now. Away from my company, the distrust surfaces in a likely safer place, the questions raised tall, the ignominies glowing, notching their numbers n your In case she accepts a lashing. Conflicting messages have a way of sticking to a wounded psyche, filtering into bottles, filling up the drawers and closets Check them out and scratch your itch. Once you know your predator is a psychic vamp it can be empowering to confront them with their behaviors, it might not even be too challenging or scary as these vamps often portray themselves as fellow wounded souls, they’ll try to use it in defense. If you’re not familiar with the hustlers tricks practice observance, watch, be aware. Soon you can lay em down flat and your rejection of the denial will withstand whatever backhanded trickery they’ve been working to perfect. Confront these cons ! Your strength and freedom will grow the suicide debt of the sadist vamps better well end up much more shorter.

I dunno what that means


Teetering dumb-tumbling, a lady in waiting comes to me

As a man in heat

Saddled by a bridal bit by chomps bled so pale over the chaps slapping sticks to spark stuck a step behind

Tweet till dumb and needles deep

Quarantine of us now:

we always want to do it again. To pretend, we dip in again

Wavering for waves to be

Teetering dumb-tumble weeds

Quivering for the quills to be sent by pork for which we pine, a surety we’re still a step behind